St Barnabas’ is a Church of England church, which continues the Anglo-Catholic tradition. It has sat at the heart of the vibrant and eclectic community of Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells for over 120 years.

The Church is open every day for worship, reflection, thought and friendship. Everyone is welcome to join us for any of our services. For details please see

All our Church services are livecast on Facebook for those who want to join but are unable or feel unready to join us in person. Please go to our Facebook page to join us. Please also Like and Share our broadcasts as much as you can – it really helps!

Whether you’re interested in joining our worship, having your children baptised, getting married at St Barnabas, or you’re just curious about the Church and what goes on, you’re welcome.


Monday 4th December – St John of Damascus
11.00 am Low Mass
Tuesday 5th December – Feria
11.00 am Low Mass
Wednesday 6th December – St Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
11.00 am Low Mass
Thursday 7th December – St Ambrose, Bishop of Milan and Doctor of the Church
11.00 am Low Mass
Friday 8th December – The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
11.00 am Low Mass
Saturday 9th December – Feria
11.00 am Low Mass
Sunday 10th December – THE SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT
11.00 am Parish Mass (Sung), and Sunday School

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