The Sunday school meet during the first part of the service in the hall, returning during the offertory. We have lots of fun games and crafts which help us to learn about Jesus, the bible and being a Christian today.

Older children help out with the younger ones, creating a wonderful caring atmosphere of trust.

Before Easter and Christmas each year we run a Lent and Advent project where the children come together to raise money for charity.

On Easter Saturday the children help to clean and prepare the church, they create an Easter garden and enjoy activities in the hall.

At the Christingle service the Sunday school perform a Nativity play with bible readings which is a wonderful occasion and sets the tone for the coming celebrations.

Children are welcome at our Sunday Morning Parish Service and are offered the chance to join the Sunday School for 30 minutes at the beginning of each service.

All Sunday school leaders are police checked and follow basic safety procedures.

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