Create a Stained Glass Window

To celebrate our Saint’s Day back in June, we made some great stained glass windows at Sunday School. 

It was such a success we thought we’d share how we did it. It would be a great Sunday School activity or even something you might want to try at home over the Summer holidays. What was great about this activity was that each child came away with a unique window, as they chose the colour paper they used and how to colour in the words.

You will need:

Black craft paper

OHP paper to print your Church’s name on (it was S. Barnabas for us)

Tissue paper of various colours


Transparent sticking tape

A print out of the template below

Felt tip pens


Before the lesson:

Print out the template below and use it to trace onto black paper. I cut out the black paper outlines before our meeting, to save time and frustration for the younger children.

Also, print your church’s name or another message onto OHP paper for the box at the bottom (the box is approx 7″ wide and 1.25″ high). Alternatively you could cut strips of paper to the box size and let the children write their own message.

During the lesson:

Allow the children to choose which colour tissue paper they would like to use to decorate their window and help them to cut it to the right size. Glue these to the black paper outline. Don’t forget to stick on the back the window so that you hide the untidy edges.

Let the children colour in the OHP paper/plain paper words with felt tip pens. Tape (OHP paper) or glue (plain paper) this into the bottom box.

Hang at window and admire the sun shining through the paper 🙂

Click the thumbnail twice, so that it is full size before you download it.