Fishers of Men

Our Fishers of Men session was a great hit! When you start to think about it there are so many activities that you can do to tell the story to children in a memorable way. Here are a few of the things that we managed to fit in to our weekly half hour session.

The older children enjoy being able to read the bible stories out themselves, so we often divide the text between them. Creating a short play is another way to reinforce the story and helps the children to think about what is actually happening. We went through the sketch (attached below) and thought about the actions that would go with it, then re-enacted the story for the younger children.

Once the story is clear in everyone’s heads, we usually start on a craft activity. Creating an object, game or colouring sheet that children can take away with them, reminds them during the week about what they have learnt. It’s also a great starting point for parents to discuss themes with their children at home.

Absolutely everyone, of all ages, enjoyed making these fishing games. Download the sheet below for simple instructions.

I have also attached a printable bible quote that can be coloured in. It fits two on an A4 sheet of paper.

Fishersof Men Sketch      Fishersof Men Activity