Fund raising challenges

07/03/2021 Georgina’s Sponsored Silence
I am taking part in a Sponsored Silence on Saturday 27th March 2021! A whole 24 hours of peace for my family! 😂. My husband thinks I should spend a lot of time practicing!!! 🤔🤔 🤣 This is going to be hard as if any of you know my family, you’ll know they won’t make this easy for me!!vTarget £200.
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04/03/2021 John’s Conqueror Challenge – St Francis Way page
For this challenge, I am walking the distance that S Francis of Assisi walked from Tuscany to Rome (502.8km).  I am doing this through the Conqueror Challenge, who record my journey each day and let me know where I am along the route.  Please support me as I make this important journey for our church.
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03/03/2021 Sarah’s Conqueror Mount Fuji page
I am raising money for St Barnabas Church Tunbridge Wells because I love our church. Target £300 towards a new audio and webcast system.
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If you can help raise money for St Barnabas Church by completing a sponsored challenge, we will support you all of the way, be assured it will make a huge difference.

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