Gift Aid Form

St. Barnabas Church is at the heart of our community in Tunbridge Wells and has been a focal point in our community for more than 120 years. As well as on Sunday, the church and the church hall is used nearly every day by various groups such as uniformed organisations, mother and toddlers and private community projects such as the Pre School and of course for holding regular weekday mass. St Barnabas Parish School will also visit regularly and more recently our hall has been used as a winter night shelter. Clearly it is important to many in the community and your giving is also an important way of supporting this mission in
our parish.

Each year we are able to claim back significant tax on the giving made to us. If you’re a UK taxpayer, St Barnabas Church can reclaim the basic rate of tax you paid on your gift at no extra cost to you. That’s 25p for every £1 you give.

Claiming gift aid back is a time consuming task which requires us by law to keep records up to date. To help make this process easier, we are computerising our system and bringing us in line with current recommendations issued by the Charities Commission and Rochester Diocese.

To help this process, please can you complete the tax declaration form below and return to our Treasurer, Tom Kempster, as soon as you can. By completing this form we know that whatever donation you make to St Barnabas, via envelopes or standing order we can confidentially claim tax back increasing your donation at no further cost to you.

It is also important that we create a system that is confidential for you as well. Once you have completed the form you will be given a gift aid ref number. From there on you will only need to write this number on the giving envelope. Important note, once you have received your number please do not add your name and address details to the giving envelopes.

CLICK HERE To download the form