Lent Pretzels

This Lent we have based our Sunday School lessons around food – it sounds a little back to front I know but we feel it will provide a fun way for the children about ways to observe Lent. Last week we talked about the things we weren’t allowed to eat and about things we should try to cut back on during this time. We made a lovely Lent poster with a list of things to do more and less of. The children came up with some fabulous suggestions.

This week we made Pretzels! Pretzels are traditionally a Lenten food. They were made with no fat and could be eaten during Lent. Also, their shape symbolises the crossed arms of prayer.

There are two theories about where the name comes from. Either from the Latin bracellae meaning small arms or pretiola meaning little reward. Either way, the German word Bretzel and then Pretzel eventually came about.

The children helped to make pretzels, which we baked and then gave out after Mass, they went down very well! They also created a prayer each, which they drew within the shape of the pretzel. We have attached the sheets for both these activities, in case you want to use them for your Sunday School or at home or school, just click on them for the full size (A4) version. Enjoy!

p.s. next week we’re doing Simnel Cake – yum!