News for Sunday 5 February 2023

Dear friends,
 We have now moved beyond Christmastide, but our readings still reflect the notion of carrying Christ’s light into the world.  As our days are growing noticeably longer, we are reminded of how powerful light is in lifting the spirits of everything and everyone around us.  The call of Christ is to share that life-affirming light in our own lives as well. As we rapidly hurtle towards Lent, make church a priority, as we grow together as we hear and go out with that light of the Good News.  You need the Church, and the Church needs you!
Lent CourseAs we did last year, we will have have our Lent Course on Zoom at 7pm on Thursday evenings throughout Lent.  If you would like to attend, or have any questions, please email Fr John.  Zoom links will be shared by email.More information to come!
Palm CrossesIf you haven’t done so already, please bring your old palm crosses in for our Ash Wednesday preparations.