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During the last year’s stages of lockdown, many people have found ways to support charitable endeavour through JustGiving.  Apart from individual donations, creative challenges are now offered to support causes which are important to us.  At St Barnabas we have striven to be present, however possible, each day in the support of our mission.  We have a very beautiful building which is at the heart of our presence.  We have also taken up the challenge of being open, as well as live casting for those who can’t be present each day.  Regardless of our circumstances, we engage with our community – both locally and further afield.  We are now encouraging you to support us through JustGiving or using organisations such as the Conqueror Virtual Challenges (  You may want to take up a particular challenge, or you can link it to what you are already doing.  Each effort at fundraising will make a significant difference to our ongoing forward movement in our mission.

Please join us in this, and, if you do, we would like to highlight these efforts on this page, to not only celebrate your achievements, but also to encourage others to do the same.

Please do let us know if you are creating a challenge and linking to us, we will help get as much coverage as possible for your JustGiving page.

We are currently raising funds for a new audio and broadcast system (details can be found here).

We have a JustGiving page that you can link your own JustGiving event to and sponsorship and gift aid will automatically be linked and sent securely from JustGiving to our CAF Bank account.

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If you can help raise money for St Barnabas Church by completing a sponsored challenge, we will support you all of the way, be assured it will make a huge difference.

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