Sunday, 12 February, 2023

Dear friends,

A common question asked these days is, ‘How have you weathered COVID?’  For churches, like so many institutions, we can thankfully reply that we have survived, but like most, we have emerged changed in some ways.  Many of these are good:
–        We have increased our reach through live casting the Mass each day, thus growing our worshipping community
–        Our commitment to the daily Mass has been strengthened, with a regular congregation each day, in person and online.  This is nothing to be underestimated as that daily celebration of the Mass has been at the core of our mission activity since our earliest days
–        Our relationships with our school and local institutions have deepened, placing us even more deeply at the heart of our parish and community.

There were many voices nationally during lockdown who hoped that the change in circumstances would necessitate wholesale changes in the Church’s approach and mission.  We have shown fidelity to the mission for which we were founded (serving our parish to save souls for Christ), even in significantly changed circumstances.  What we mustn’t do, however, is take it for granted.  Make S Barnabas’ a regular priority, and we can continue to mediate the Good News to our community for years to come. 

See you at Mass!