Sunday School – Ascension Day

Ascension Day is a very important day in the church. The word “ascension” means “going up”. It is the day we celebrate Jesus ascending into heaven. It is important that we remember that Jesus is alive and so it was His body that went up to heaven and that he is there now, seated at the right-hand of God the Father.Ascension Day is celebrated 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection. He took His disciples aside to make sure that they understood everything that had happened to Him. He explained why it was important for Him to be crucified and to be raised from the dead to fulfill what the Scriptures had said about Him. He also told them that he was going to return to His Father in heaven and that the Holy Spirit would come to be with them.At first, the disciples were sad that Jesus would be leaving them, but then the Bible tells us that Jesus opened their minds so they would understand. Then, an amazing thing happened. The Bible tells us that Jesus lifted his hands and blessed His disciples. While He was blessing them, He was lifted up and was taken up into heaven.

You can read the story of The Ascension in Acts 1:1-11 and watch the short cartoon from Saddleback Kids. Once you have done that, you can make your own ascending Jesus with the instructions and print-out below. I would love to see how yours turn out…

Jesus Ascending activity

To make Jesus ascend to the clouds you’ll need:

  • 1 print out of the Ascension Jesus Craft (on card stock preferably)
  • about 1.5meters of yarn or string
  • a plastic drinking straw (or a couple)
  • tape
  • cotton balls and white glue if you want to make the clouds ‘fluffy’
  • Crayons or colouring pencils to colour Jesus

First you want to colour and then cut out Jesus.

Tape a 4-5cm section of straw to the back of Jesus.

Fold your string in half and make a loop in the centre part (and add some small pieces of straws for decoration if desired). Tie a knot below this loop with beads/straws.  This is how you will hang up your Ascension Jesus Craft, so make sure your loop is big enough to go around a door handle.

Tape the yarn near the loop to the back of your cloud.

Thread the yarn through the straw on Jesus’ back (both strings), and then tie small sections of straws to each yarn end to be the handles.

If you want fluffy clouds, now is the time to use a little white glue and glue your cotton balls to the cloud.

Now hang up your loop, and pull the straw handles apart from each other and watch Jesus ascend!

Here are some colouring pages for you to do


Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus, Your only Son, to die for our sin. We know that He has risen from the dead and has returned to heaven. Bless us today as we worship Him with great joy! In Jesus’ name, amen.